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The Booth – Siya Ngcobo

Fans, casual listeners and critics aren’t the only consumers of music. Every fortnight, we ask a prominent or exciting local artist to share five tracks that are currently on rotation on their boombox/diskman/Zune – oldies, latest hits, oddities and obscurities. Welcome to The Booth.

This, the third installation of The Booth, brings you one of Cape Town’s most courageously unique artists. Musician and performance artist, Siya Ngcobo, who goes by Umlilo on stage, offers a fiery presence to the often subdued Cape Town music scene with his blend of anarchistic post-dub kwaito/hip-hop and androgynously styled performance art. What follows are his selections, five tracks that are, fittingly, as intriguing as his musical sensibilities.

1. Peter and Kerry – One Thing (Amerie cover)

Who doesn’t love a cute boy and girl singing beautiful and familiar pop melodies over a folky guitar riff on YouTube? It’s what Indie films are made of.

2. M.I.A vs Lorde (DJ Mike Biggz Mash Up) – Royal Planes

DJ Mike Biggz has done us all a favour by reminding us of three things: How brilliant/relevant both these tracks are, the beat pays homage to hip-hop and female pop rebellion wins every time.

3. Basecamp – 2 Thingz

This track gives me so much hope about the future of R&B music. It almost feels like Seal and John Legend created a space age love child that lives in a dark, harmonious and infinite future.

4. Darkside Live Show – Boiler Room NYC

I can’t seem to shake this entrancing and psychedelic electronic wonder. It’s on repeat and could very well be the zen cure for every illness in the world.

5. Lebo Mathosa – Abantu Bami

I had forgotten about this song then a friend of mine posted it and the raw memories of Lebo’s infectious sound and mesmerising talent came rushing back.

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