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The Booth: Vuvuvultures

Since 2011, Vuvuvultures  have been grinding their way through the clutter that…


Fans, casual listeners and critics aren’t the only consumers of music. Every fortnight, we ask a prominent or exciting local artist to share five tracks that are currently on rotation on their boombox/diskman/Zune – oldies, latest hits, oddities and obscurities. Welcome to The Booth.

Since 2011, Vuvuvultures  have been grinding their way through the clutter that pollutes the alt-pop/indie-rock scene and are busy making things happen for themselves. With vocals of a nowadays rare quality and passion and backing instrumentation which compliments them immaculately, it’s all too exciting that Vuvuvultures currently on a tour of South Africa. “Their jagged beats and guitar crunches come straight from a whiskey joint in hell’s basement which has recently adopted a disco policy. If the nu-noir revolution’s already started then they’re taking it to stadiums” – The Independent. Be sure to catch their sets at RAMfest in Joburg on Friday at 17h00 and Cape Town on Saturday at 16h00.


Matt:  Nine Inch Nails – Copy of A

I love the rhythm of this track, particularly the start – that little sequenced intro and the drum sound are incredible together. On a completely different note, I’m loving the new Beck album Morning Phase. After a long day I put that in my headphones.


Paul: Gonjasufi – Ancestors

This song has a dangerous amount of bass and groove. Produced by Flying Lotus, the album came out in 2010, and has really interesting song-writing that abandons traditional structure.


Nicole: Adoniran Barbosa – O trem das onze horas

I’m a big fan of Samba music after growing up in a Brazilian family. My grandfather used to play this song on cassette in the car all the time. It’s got awesome percussion and a chilled groove and these really beautiful melancholic vocals soaring over the whole thing. Beautiful song all round. Pairs well with beachy touring. 


Harmony: Kreayshawn – Gucci Gucci 

I chose this song because they speak about all of my favourite things.


Vuvuvulters: Gesaffelstein – Pursuit

One of the most awesome videos we’ve seen in a while – dark, sciencey, paranoid and surreal, plus the great track from French techno producer Gesaffelstein.

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