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The Internet calls out Tyler on Blackface

Tyler, The Creator’s Odd Future label-mates, Syd Tha Kyd and Matt Martians have criticised him over one of his designs appearing on Golf Wang Ts and hats.

The design in question is a stereotypical cartoon face of a ‘minstrel’, or more commonly referred to as ‘blackface’, used by white entertainers throughout history to caricature black people as a whole, and effectively perpetuate commonly-held stereotypes.

Syd tweeted “Desensitizing is one thing. But when you don’t educate your followers on what it even is, it becomes a problem.” She started the tweet-storm with, “All these white kids wearing blackface hats n shit n don’t even know what it is, but wanna tell us it isn’t that serious. It is.”

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They managed to sort some of it out and apparently are all cool, with Matt Martians tweeting the following:

20130923 News 7

In SA, blackface is not something commonly understood or unpacked very often, so some of us have very little idea of the effect of it. PLATFORM will be exploring the issue in our soon-to-be-released print edition, but in the mean time, we’d like to know: What Do You Think?

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