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Thom Yorke Features on Snake-charmer Single from Mark Pritchard

It’s not the first time that Mark Pritchard has worked with Thom Yorke, but here Pritchard has taken total license to mould the Radiohead frontman’s voice to the bare and raw rhythms on ‘Beautiful People’. The snake-charming notes of the flutes and wood winds immediately evoke the feeling of something long-dormant that’s been thawed and brought back to life. The shaking percussion and synths allows Yorke’s voice to come through with crystal clarity in one instant, and then it’s suddenly muffled and muted – as if trying to transmit a message from behind a thick pane of glass.

‘Beautiful People’ moves with a quiet beauty that makes it clear why Yorke’s pliant voice was so well-suited to communicating a hope that’s been forgotten and found once more. It’s but a teaser for Pritchard’s upcoming LP entitled Under The Sun that’s scheduled for release in early May, and has made sure that we’re now anxiously waiting for more out of both Pritchard and Yorke in the year ahead.

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