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List: Top 5 Spoek Mathambo Tracks

Spoek’s sound has always sounded ahead of its time, providing a lens of where we may be in 10 years time. Varied palettes from across South Africa and the world to provide a unique and somehow authentic take on both African and international sounds and placing himself as the subject for the analysis of the post-colonial African identity. Whether way back in 2007 with Sweat X or collaborating with producers like LV or Chllngr more recently, Spoek has not only been at the forefront of the progressive frontier, but has gone from strength to strength – from African Dope to Sub Pop.

As this list will most likely show, attempting to compile a top 5 of an artist with such an extensive back catalogue will obviously result in some cuts; feel free to (dis)agree with the following top 5 best Spoek Mathambo tracks.

1. Spoek Mathambo – Control

Taking on a cover of this magnitude is a formidable task; no one has quite produced something this special. With Richard III on the beats and the help of Pieter Hugo and cinematographer Michael Cleary for the video, this cover is what, I suppose we can class as Spoek’s breakthrough single.

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