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Track of the Day: Albert Hammond Jr. – Rude Customer

It wasn’t a great year for The Strokes. After giving up their hiatus in 2011 with their fourth full-length, Angles, there was hope that the band that threatened to conquer the world at the start of the previous decade might return to form. But this year’s Comedown Machine was disappointing and forgettable, the latter being a word most of them are probably not very used to.

Guitarist Albert Hammond, Jr has released two solo albums previously and recently opened up about his struggles with addiction. Rude Customer is a short burst of a song, and sounds very Strokes-y (a label that still, in spite of everything, means something). It’s not a worldbeater, but it’s fun and enjoyable, which are two things you can’t say about most of the songs on his band’s latest album.

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