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Track of the Day: Allie X – ‘Catch’

Words: Graham Evans

With the rise of 2014 and the setting online presence of Scottish synthpop trio CHVRCHES’ popular release, The Bones of What You Believe, it began to seem as if the highly polished, neon dance-pop musical trend was subsiding just after it exploded in a glittering blast of studio production midway through 2013. 

Fear not – lovers and infatuates of Lauren Mayberry (CHVRCHES) and those who care to remember Charli XCX rejoice! Los Angeles poplette Allie X has reignited the glowing kindling left by these monumental, cool-pop acts with letter-obsessed names. Her debut single, ‘Catch’ packs a comet-like punch, complete with shimmering xylophone melodies, dance-hall tom hits and a celestial pop chorus so powerful it breaks the vocal autotune.

“Yeah, you thought you got away with murder” Alli chants – and she does.  Replaying ‘Catch’ over and over again is guilty pleasure. Fully aware of its here-today-gone-tomorrow sensibilities, one cannot help but suppress this sage judgment and succumb to the pulsating, aesthetically perfect ‘Catch’ and its image: gold sunglasses at night, galaxy print everything and clever GIFs. And why fight it? With artists like Stockholm sisters, Say Lou Lou, also fuelling the fire, pop-derivative anthems and their smorgasbord of sparkling electronic sounds are here to stay. What do you think?

Download ‘Catch’ for free here:  

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