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Track of the Day: Arcade Fire – Afterlife

With exactly a week to go until the release of Arcade Fire’s fourth full-length offering, Reflektor, the band have previewed a second track off the album last night as Zane Lowe’s “Hottest Record in the World”.

Surprise, surprise, it’s fantastic. Arcade Fire reasserts their innate ability to turn almost any song they perform into something anthemic and stadium-ready. The song is a steady build still exhibiting the new disco tendencies the band has embraced for the forthcoming album. Win Butler, chatting to everyone’s favourite Kiwi, said that the track started off as a Haitian percussion loop that was recorded around the end of The Suburbs tour. The synths and the brass (oh man, the brass!) at the end of the track provide the kind of epic euphoria of experiencing something incredible for the first time.

The album is out on the 29th of this month and it seems as if there is going to be little by way of critical reception for this album – it has every indie music journo from Tokyo to Seattle whipped into a stir of pre-teen anticipation (if you thought One Direction/Bieber fans were bad…) – expect glowing reviews and perhaps even another Grammy?

You can listen to Zane Lowe’s show here and watch the lyrics video for the song below:

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