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Track of the Day: Ariel Pink – Picture Me Gone

In a year where he’s made headlines far more than ever in his somewhat-reclusive past, there doesn’t seem much remaining to say about pop craftsman Ariel Pink. Is his persona a smart construction designed to ? Is he a giant mirror held high to an increasingly childish adult population? Are his contradictions a result of multitudes, or just smart PR? Or is he just a bit of an asshole?

Placed against the sheer weight of his idea-crammed, self-contained and surprisingly cohesive third studio LP pom pom, these concerns start to pale. On pom pom we’re reminded consistently both of Pink’s love for inscrutable quirk as well as unparalleled ear for retro-leaning pop brilliance. While Pink’s best songs historically have featured a marriage between both of those, ‘Picture Me Gone’ is undoubtedly slanted to the latter. In fact, it’s quite possibly the most sentiment-heavy and straight-forward song of his career and it is quite simply gobsmacking. Pink powers his way through nearly six minutes of technological dread-tinged apathy, and only Pink can make a line like “I dedicate this selfie to the little guy who will outlast me when I die” sound so goddamn poignant.

Listen to ‘Picture Me Gone’ below:

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