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Track of the Day: Autre Ne Veut & Fennesz – Alive

Autre Ne Veut is probably one of the coolest monikers in all of popular music, which is why it makes total sense that Arthur Ashin hid behind it through his full-length debut and an EP before eventually revealing himself in 2012. His first release since doing that, this year’s Anxiety, is also by far his best, an immaculately produced and overwhelming listen, with one of the best one-two opening tracks on any album this year in ‘Play By Play‘ and ‘Counting‘. He is gifted with a voice with incredible range, built especially for powerful climaxes.

The last minute of ‘Alive’, his collaboration with Austrian ambient producer Christian Fennesz, is one such climax. Fuzz builds and grows and disappears throughout the track’s duration. In the choruses and especially in the final third, it doesn’t so much fall away or crystallise as it does challenge his vocals, and they prove to be more than up for the challenge.

The track is part of Mexican Summer’s – both Ashin’s and Fennesz’s label – fifth-year anniversary. Included in the celebration is a book, Mexican Summer: Five Years, which comes with a vinyl featuring a number of collaborations.

Check out the track below:

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