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Track of the Day: B00n – Bitter Boy Caydon, as Told By Aretha Franklin

One of the greatest paradoxes of the post-internet genre is the fact that, despite the numerous artists with whom one can feel a close affinity, it remains near-impossible to find out anything about the artists themselves. B00n is one of those nebulous figures: apart from his name, Caydon, and the fact that he’s from Grahamstown, he remains a reclusive and enigmatic character. 

‘Bitter Boy Caydon, as Told By Aretha Franklin’ comes off his new EP, Fuk Boi Lyf . All four tracks on the album show B00n exhibitinging some incredible new developments in his sound. The production is sparse but feels dense, exhibiting an atmosphere not too dissimilar from Oneohtrix Point Never’s R Plus Seven. Have a listen to ‘Bitter Boy Caydon…’ as well as the rest of the fantastic new EP below:

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