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Track of the Day: Ben Khan – Eden

The kaleidoscopic maximalist presentation of Autre Ne Veut’s Anxiety made its best impressions on impact and subsequently left listeners searching for that first high. Jai Paul, on the other hand, occupied a role on the other end of the spectrum. But owing to the peculiar April album-leak drama, 2013 just wasn’t the year that everyone thought it would be for him.

‘Eden’ is the second self-released track by mysterious Londoner Ben Khan after wobbly bedroom trip-out, Drive (Part 1) . On this track, the newbie appears to be making himself comfortable in the sonic sweet-spot somewhere between Jai Paul and Autre Ne Veut (and not just because of the elephant-funk horns). Fortunately for Khan, the niche is ripe for the abovementioned reasons.

Allegedly the singer/beatmaker is yet to perform a live show in his hometown and has been riding the hype of the debut track thus far. Doubtless ‘Eden’ will perpetuate the buzz with its confident groove and enticing warmth. Khan combines soulful vocals, a sultry guitar refrain and inhale-exhale synthesisers to yield an impressive outcome. The sub 3-minute triumph is less of a headphones-thumper than its predecessor and should indeed be shared over speakers.

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