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Track of the Day: Ben Khan – Youth

‘Youth’ is the second single off of the upcoming EP 1992 and starts from where his terrific last…

‘Youth’ is the second single off of the upcoming EP 1992 and starts from where his terrific last single, ‘Eden’ left off. Ben Khan is a London-based artist working at the increasingly busy intersection between R ‘n’ B, funk, synth-pop and dance-punk. His cluttered and consummately soulful electronic gems are similar to the work of the other kaleidoscopic and world-music pop aficionado, Jai Paul. 

‘Youth’ starts out with steamy new wave synths that give way to Khan’s ghostly and fragile falsetto that mutters, “I’m so foolish”, only to rapidly dissipate to unearth a wonderfully stuttering Prince via Blood Orange guitar riff. The groovy clamour is filled with cowbells, clipped yelps and what appears to be a sample of the MacBook email alert. Chris DeVille recently wrote a piece on Stereogum on how we may have reached our point of satiety with the faddish indie R ’n’ B genre and how we may be about to witness its inevitable ebb. But as long as there is music that seems to fuse genres so magically like the various styles on the endlessly catchy ‘Youth’, I’m not sure we are not ready to let go quite yet. 


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