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Track of the Day: Benoit & Sergio – Adjustments

When the French electronic luminaries, Daft Punk, proclaimed to “give life back to music” it was part of a grander treatise on humanising electronic music again. The Washington D.C DJ duo of Benoit and Sergio, big fans of Daft Punk themselves, take Daft Punk up on that challenge, albeit on a more reserved scale.

On their new single ‘Adjustments’ off the Adjustments EP, the duo mold a smoldering and slow-burning electronic number. It is held up by the weightless vocal that repeats over and over again, “Sometimes I think that DJs don’t understand / that we’ve been waiting around all week for this / and sometimes I think that DJs don’t understand / that we don’t care about their cut-off frequencies or resonance / we just want to dance.”

The lyrics, which are both ironic and humourous, sit above a singular muffled piano riff and subtle bleeps and twitches, and showcase the producers again playing out their version of dance music that is distinctly insular and subtle. It’s the type of music that feels immediately intimate and personal – the antithesis of the shared euphoria of most modern dance music.

But as the vocal becomes ever more strained and whispered, Benoit and Sergio make you believe that solitariness and insularity is just as much a part of that collective experience. And because of that realisation, perhaps in the end we do just want to dance.

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