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Track of the Day: bottoms – Boring

It’s seen as trite to say so in respectable company, yet it’s begrudgingly accepted that modern punk in all its various guises may just be a well-animated corpse going through the motions. bottoms are a synthcore outfit borne of the fruitful shadows of Bushwick, Brooklyn’s nightlife capital. The working-class sometimes-drag trio are hard pressed to care what anyone thinks, which is enough to suggest that they at least must be on the right path.

‘Boring’ is just under three minutes of simmering, synth agitations that are punctuated by shout-speak vocals that either threaten violence or are on the verge of erupting into laughter. The steadfast rhythm is bare-boned and it comes with the clashing of cymbals rattling in the cavernous space around the buzz. The only word one can really make out is “boring” – over and over again, uttered with a different weight and sense each time. Hollered, whispered, snarled; and really, that tells you just about all you need to know about bottoms. When the track does stop, it’s just as suddenly as it started – like passing through a busy front room unnoticed. It’s plain that bottoms aren’t here here for anyone but themselves.

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