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Track of the Day: Chad VanGaalen – Where Are You?

It’s been 3 years since we last heard from Chad VanGaalen on his 2011 release, Diaper Mountain. His personal universe of sound manages to expand in ways that can only baffle and intrigue distant onlookers. 

The latest release from his sub-zero, Albertan cave is ‘Where Are You?’  – a cosmic track bustling with big percussion and the smooth plucking of a newly mastered aluminium pedal guitar.  His sparse but sharp production here is familiar from preceding work and on both Women albums, but the wailing track is warmer and more driven than what we’ve come to expect from the Canadian.

The song can be anticipated as part of VanGaalen’s forthcoming release with Sub Pop Records in April of this year, Shrink Dust. The album is one-half creative impulse and one-half musical score for an animated science fiction project called Translated Log of Inhabitants. Granted, VanGaalen is an artist prone to almost tiresome eccentricity, but the interrogative ‘Where Are You?’ is an apt reminder as to why we’re always anxious for the infrequent invitation into his world.

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