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Track of the Day: Cuushe – Sort of Light

Cuushe’s music could easily be categorized as dream-pop. Her album Butterfly Case contains all the staple looped wispy vocals, ponderous keyboard riffs and guitars so soaked in reverb you can only imagine the studio-floor drenched in it. Despite that, the Japanese-German singer is taking subtle cues and placing deliberate hints from other genres as well.

On ‘Sort of Light’ the opening track off her sophomore album she incorporates the gentle thud of a drum-track that could have been lifted off a good techno track, lively synths that take her languid voice and thrust it gently into the limelight and then this leads to the stunning breakdown that uses the clipped sound of handclaps to send the track into a heady and overwhelming conclusion.

Her music is ethereal, carefully orchestrated and sensual. It bears all the familiar hallmarks of the genre and its lonesome and singular bedroom-recorded ethos. However the track shows that despite this, she can still hear sound and life happening outside and is willing to venture out and find it.

Stream the album below:

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