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Track of the Day: Danny Brown – Dip

January saw a flurry of hype surrounding Danny Brown’s first major label release. Tentatively titled ‘ODB’ and supposedly finished in December 2012, it was hotly anticipated by a rabid fan base and a media that had arrived in droves to the party on the back of his marvelous 2011 tape XXX. 10 months, a string of label issues and an album name change later, he is finally set to deliver on that, with Old due out at the end of this month.

‘Dip’, his latest single, is Danny Brown at his most turned up. Kush Coma, the track he released in March, has Danny on his tenth blunt and speaks to catatonia, but his delivery is anything but comatose as he shit-talks in double-time. While he’s agitated there, on ‘Dip’ he’s straight-up rocking an ode to MDMA, infusing all the drug-addled energy he can muster over a schizoid synth line. The video is a whirl of animated colourful pills and googly eyes, as Brown shifts between mostly empty locales, filling the space with his energy alone. The refrain of the song is ‘Don’t let me into my zone’, taken from Kanye West and Jay Z’s ‘N*ggas in Paris. Danny never finishes that refrain, though. He doesn’t need to. He’s definitely in his zone.

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