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Track of the Day: Darkside – Paper Trails

In a recent catching-up with Pitchfork, electronic music virtuoso and California native Flying Lotus spoke about his love of Aphex Twin and recalled fond memories of driving to the beach while listening to the seminal artist’s work. Our attachment to music is indelibly linked to time and place. We tend to associate records, often unintentionally, with events or locations: a phenomenon that transcends critical judgement and introduces sentiment into our experience with music. 

Darkside is the collaborative brainchild of electro-wunderkind Nicolas Jaar and multi-instrumentalist Dave Harrington. It’s hard not to fall in love with their new Psychic LP if you plunge into its otherworldly sonic depths whilst driving along the coastline at dusk. That said, the album itself is brilliant – personal attachment notwithstanding – and ‘Paper Trails’ is the perfect sample.

The emulsion of Harrington and Jaar’s respective composition sensibilities is the recurring theme throughout the duo’s monolithic debut but manifests itself most profitably on this track. ‘Paper Trails’ is perhaps the most listenable item off Psychic. The effortlessly smooth guitars, minimalist percussion and distorted Hendrix-esque croon create an end-product that is as anachronistic as it is impeccably contemporary. The halfway-mark gem is a night-time cruising mood-setter that would have made the late JJ Cale proud.

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