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Track of the Day: David Bowie – Love is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix by James Murphy)

Anyone who has been reading Radius with any sort of regularity over the (almost) six weeks will know that we kind of worship at the alter of James Murphy. Which is why it’s weird that he released this massive remix over ten days ago and we still haven’t covered it. Well, allow this now to be rectified.

David Bowie’s legend grows as every year passes, and this year has seen him return to his own version of the spotlight. His album The Next Day appeared out of nowhere at the beginning of this year and was very well-received by critics. It is now set for an expanded 3-disc edition, to be released on November 5. Part of that release is this remix.

Murphy references Steve Reich’s ‘Clapping Music’, opening with a swell of applause that quickly mutates into an eerie percussive beat. Halfway through the ten minutes, more applause shows up, before the clapping gives way to a full-blown disco number. The track is a triumph, fully deserving of its length, and a late contender for one of the strongest tracks released this year.

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