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Track of the Day: Dream Koala – Earth

While Yndi Ferreira’s moniker, Dream Koala, may leave a lot to be desired with its overtly…


While Yndi Ferreira’s moniker, Dream Koala, may leave a lot to be desired with its overtly poptimist tendencies, the accompanying music certainly makes up for it. Being a Berlin-based producer seems to hold a colossal wave of expectation as the city’s reputation for progressiveness and quality in terms of music production and various other art forms is continuously on the up. Luckily for us, if ‘Earth’, the leading single off his latest release, Earth. Home. Destroyed., is anything to go by then he is bound to exceed any expectation.

The track opens with a gentle correspondence between chords and dreamy lamenting vocals, leading into a beat which is subtly and gradually developed. Eventually it introduces a swirl of fast-paced synth arpeggios which build suspense and burst into an undeniably gripping passage of bass work pleasantly reminiscent of James Blake. The bass work gets pushed back and we’re treated to another dreamy vocal section for closure. At only nineteen, Ferreira holds a truly impressive maturity that skilfully packages his music with effortless progressiveness, confidence and sincerity.


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