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Track of the Day: Dream Koala – Ocean (feat. Soko)

Yndi Ferreira is the 19-year-old Parisian producer behind the electronic act, Dream Koala. It’s hard to imagine that someone so young has created a sound that is imbued with such maturity and depth, yet we have come to accept him as an artist who almost relies on the constant progression of his sound to make it as it is: a perfect balance between sonically lush and stark music; both dreamy and clipped. His reconciliation of guitar and electronic music has made him one of the most interesting and talented upcoming producers of today, and with a residency at Paris Social Club and a stint at Boiler Room to boot, he is definitely someone worth keeping an eye on. 

‘Ocean’ is one of three tracks on his latest Odyssey EP, the second release since the resounding success of his debut, the Blur EP. It is the first track he’s ever made that showcases the full extent of his vocal talent. The track builds upon layers of warping electronics, glistening guitar rhythms, the wash of his vocals, and the subtle clips of a bedroom beat-smith, giving it an Ocean-like depth. His musical philosophy is that “everything is connected – be it the genius of Flying Lotus or the ethereal beauty of My Bloody Valentine,” and it seems apparent that in the isolated state of making music, he has formulated the perfect space to reconcile not only disparate sounds and forget about the constraints of genre, but also harness emotion and create music that touches “people’s minds and feelings. Perhaps their melancholia…”

His repeated plea, “So don’t wake me up,” is lost in the wake of Soko’s wavering spoken lyricism towards the end of the track, which brings the pensiveness to a halt. We’re “rising to the surface” from the depths of the track, and his wish to remain dreaming at the bottom of the Ocean is broken. And so is ours.

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