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Track of the Day: Fever Trails – Fever Trails & Pattern Language

For those that have experienced the heady spell of Fever Trails’ ‘Pattern Language’ in and amongst…

For those that have experienced the heady spell of Fever Trails’ ‘Pattern Language’ in and amongst Nicolaas Van Reenen’s (Bateleur) live shows, the release of this two-track EP could only be met with fervent anticipation. We’ve heard the song before of course, but it has been tightened and tinkered with here for his debut release via Bad Life. The release, which includes new song ‘Fever Trails’, has seen him expound upon the motif of general other-worldliness in wicked fashion. 

The title-track, ‘Fever Trails’, begins as an enticing and wheezing voyage into the darkest crevices from which Van Reenen’s music seems to emerge. Gradually, it becomes a masterful construction of a persistently thundering beat, strangled vocals and an indefinable buzz; all before the bottom drops out to reveal a delightful, tinkling piano riff that flaunts Fever Trails’ virtues as composer. 

‘Pattern Language’ is ostensibly much as advertised; a wondrous space chocked full with textures. At one moment a whispered vocal sample or a flared synth can emerge from its depths, only to melt into recording static in the very next, so that we’re never quite sure if it was there in the first place. The illusion here has certainly fed off the glimmering and careful production to morph into so much more than a sum of its individual parts. It manages to emulate an entire, nebulous dimension: gently teasing out the sound of the vast space between appearance and reality before their inevitable collision.


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