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Track of the Day: Four Tet – Parallel Jalebi

It’s always so lovely to log on to SoundCloud and have this as the latest track published in your stream. The second track to be taken from Four Tet’s forthcoming release Beautiful Rewind ‘Parallel Jalebi’, follows in the hypnotic trail of the first single dropped in July, ‘Kool FM’.

Digitalised heartbeats progress incessantly, accented by a vocal sample that sounds as if its been taken off an Aaliyah crescendo which floats on throughout the track. The minimalist, meditative beat gets interrupted suddenly at around the 2:30 mark only to be slowly brought back in with an additional flutter and sparkle. The track offers a yet another example of why a guy like Four Tet is so well respected in the world of electronica: he’s a pioneer of the left field (and he’s half South African).

After last year’s fantastic Pink, Kieran Hebden is looking to live up to expectation with two incredible singles. Beautiful Rewind has no release date yet (no last minute Rick Rubin either) and it’s due for release on Hebden’s own imprint, Text.

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