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Track of the Day: Givan Lötz – Roses

Givan Lötz is a Johannesburg-based musician whose subtle brand of guitar melodies waft somewhere between desolate shoegaze and brooding slowcore. It’s considered and measured work that at its best creates a slow-build medley of haunted vocals and an eerie atmosphere of mood and increasing tension. He is an artist who clearly understands that peeling-back the layers of instrumentals can often be even more devastating than adding those layers in the first place. In that vein, his work is akin to the sparse electronica of a group like Darkside or the ambient fizz of Grouper. 

He has been recently signed to Miami-based Other Electricities and his first single off of his new album is the startling ‘Roses’.  The single features his trademark echoing and distorted vocals, and churning and methodical guitar work. However the distant drone of an organ or keyboard makes for a grander sense of drama on the track that leads headfirst into the aching climax of pounding, militaristic drums. It’s a welcome bit of catharsis and it shows more inventive work from a musician who is too good to bubble under the surface for too long.

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