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Track of the Day: Hawkword – Hawk Swoops Again (feat. Disco)


Pretoria natives Hawkword dropped their debut EP this morning in On a Break Records. The tracks feature similar drum patterns delving into somnambulist territory offering up a borderline psychedelic 9min journey.

Being the opening track of the EP, ‘Hawk Swoops Again’ is a mission statement of note and my favourite of the four. Disco’s (Oh! Dark Arrow and formerly of PH Fat) menacing flow delivers yet another ludicrous extra-terrestrial flow. From flying through stars to paying for dildos, his lines feel super comfortable amongst the track. The track utilises organic sounding drums with a haze of warm synth permeating throughout with nods to Trip-Hop circa it’s pre-turn-of-the-millennium Bristol heyday.

You can stream the entire EP here.

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