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Track of the Day: Kontravoid – Impurities (Tannhauser Gate remix)

Kontravoid played drums for the explosive Crystal Castles in 2007 and 2008 at their live shows. As far as his production tastes are concerned, his involvement with them is telling. His solo work is too friendly and occult-less to be deemed witch house and too synth-driven and diverse to be labelled industrial. He crafts brooding electronic music that is more bad-trip John Maus than Salem.

Local lads Tannhauser Gate have remixed and subsequently expounded Kontravoid’s ‘Impurities’. In stripping off layers, clearing some of the haze and throwing in their own flair the Cape Town duo make a noteworthy impression on this track. The relative simplification means that the original’s essential elements are ostensibly pronounced and framed by the twosome’s calculated modifications. Kontravoid’s eerily distorted vocals are clearer and more sinister here and the inclusion of a keyboard-defining bridge makes for a more impactful close. The result is a thumping, industrial-driven success of which Post-era Bjork would be proud.

Listen to it here: 

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