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Track Of The Day: Interpol – All The Rage Back Home

‘All The Rage Back Home’ is Interpol’s first studio cut from upcoming album, El Pintor, and it’s…

‘All The Rage Back Home’ is Interpol’s first studio cut from upcoming album, El Pintor, and it’s accompanied by a beguiling video. Paul Banks’ face flits in and out of the darkness; disconcertingly weary and aged. The suit is as sharp as ever, and – still – the haircut has not yet come into fashion. He still can’t quite manage to care. And for the song’s brief minutes, it’s as if Interpol have been rejuvenated.

After having lost both Carlos Dengler and Dave Pajo (Slint) in recent years, Paul Banks has strappingly taken up the reins as the man on the bass and Interpol is laying new foundations upon three core elements and members. On ‘All The Rage Back Home’ Daniel Kessler’s sharp and narrow guitar strokes, fresh from the whetstone, fully eke out Bank’s lilting lyricism and Sam Fogarino’s confident drum work. Interpol’s craft is their careful immersion: creating complex and dynamic song structures from a process of clinical excision and insertion that, for all the media’s positioning of them as a product of all that came before, will always make them wholly inimitable.  

For longtime Interpol fans, new material is always sniffed out in equal parts optimism and trepidation. Understandably so: for a long while, with their unabashed work-ethic and distaste for mediocrity, Interpol were all we ever wanted from a modern, city-hardened alternative rock band. Here, ‘All The Rage Back Home’ fades out suddenly, jarringly, and though more fluid and less stifling, it’s not entirely new: it may not herald El Pintor as the return of Interpol to those dizzying heights they once occupied, but it winds the tension just like we’re used to and, for now, that’s all we need.  

See the video co-directed by Banks himself : 


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