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Track of the Day: Jamie xx – Untitled

There are many aspects about The xx that make them great, but perhaps it is their producer, Jamie Smith, who is the most underrated of the lot. His solo work under moniker Jamie xx is an outlet through which he can truly showcase his extraordinary skills at weaving emotive punch into moments of delicacy. With the focus being on texture and unusual bouts of melodic rapture, rather than the harsher qualities such as beat and bass, you’re able to appreciate his fine attention to detail. The combination of the two realms gently formulates an incredible balance, drawing you into its pulsating interchange.

This is exactly what constitutes the ‘Untitled’ rip from a set he did at the Berlin Night + Day Festival this summer. The track begins with a spectral maze of pitched and intermingling harps clashing against each other, which soon give way to soulful vocal samples, and then eventually cave into an abyss of deep bass and an intricate array of beats. Swaying from the highest of highs, to the lowest of lows, the track’s sonic properties simulate a rollercoaster ride through a highly engaging and otherworldly landscape, with every listen offering you even more enthralling features. Reminiscent of the lustrous tactility of Rounds-era Four Tet and the groove of Caribou’s Swim, this track neatly slots itself on par with some of the greats. Take a listen below and download the track by pressing the ‘buy’ tab.

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