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Track of the Day: Jessica Pratt – Back, Baby

With Drag City being the spiritual home of melodic creatives like Bill Callahan and Joanna Newsom, it seems fitting that the equally inscrutable Jessica Pratt’s new album is set for release through the record label. Like her esteemed contemporaries she is a gifted storyteller; often of sad, carefully finger-picked tales that stir quite sweetly. On Your Own Love Again is only her second LP and it’s set for release late January next year. 

Sweet and tinny-voiced Pratt weaves frightfully intimate folk songs. ‘Back Baby’, with its hushed tones telling of heartbreak, is just another one. Yet it’s her delivery – with such a weighty, resigned air – that makes it easy to think her words are part of some lost yet vital aural history.  ‘Back Baby’ richly trills her simple plea for the rain and it may be the most forthright thing she’s ever sung. And it allows one to colour the narrative with one’s own sweet sadness.

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