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Track of the Day: Jib Kidder – Appetites (feat. Julia Holter)

Sean Schuster-Craig, or rather Jib Kidder, clearly isn’t the type to have any airs about him. He rambles wildly and colourfully of ‘gifts’ and ‘talents’ and ‘crafts’ when asked about sample work and composition. Collagist by trade, he ekes his talent out to its fullest value by dabbling in video, visual art and now notably, collaborating with Julia Holter once more (after 2012’s dreamy ‘My Baby’), in music. Jib Kidder is unashamedly quite good at whatever he does and ‘Appetites’ and its video isn’t quite the start, yet neither is it the destination – just a remote stop along the way.

If one expected Julia Holter to dominate the track with her powerful warbling they’d have been dead wrong. On ‘Appetites’, Jib Kidder is the presiding figure and Holter can only shadow his every assured and seemingly aimless footstep like a frustrated spectre. The trilling guitar fashions the trance-like state of waking from a fever dream; the lyrics are the patchwork of one trying to orientate oneself thereafter. Each thought drifting and more abstract with each passing moment. It’s a trip of eerie echoing and random words that seem like they’ve been spewed out in the wrong order. The psychedelia and confusion is only concentrated when the liquid electric guitar bursts to life and then dims into silence as if it was never really there at all.

Video below:

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