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Track of the Day: Jumping Back Slash – All The Blue Skies

The British producer Jumping Black Slash has made Cape Town and South Africa his home and muse for the last seven years. On what he calls his last EP, JBS005, before moving back to the UK, he ends his journey with the poignantly titled, ‘All The Blue Skies’. Eschewing all the sappy sentimentality that could go with this curtain call it is his most confident, radiant and resonant track yet.

Opening with melancholic and jazzy piano chords, and a looped vocal sample that gathers pace in chanting the song title, he uses his now trademark rhythmic palette – which is indebted to his fascination with local kwaito and Afrofunk – together fused with hazy synths to make it enriching song. And as he now takes to those ‘blue skies’ to return to the UK, we are left with the indelible mark of someone who truly championed the unique musical voice this country had to offer. And as the last woozy chord fades away, we’ve just got to hope that it is not the last we here from Jumping Black Slash. But if it is, it is a fitting and satisfying ending.

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