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Track of the Day: Jumping Black Slash – U See What I See

At the end of Cape Town-based producer Jumping Black Slash’s new EP JBS004 lies the stunning ‘U See What I See’. Built around warm and enveloping snyth washes and the sultriest R&B vocal sample this side of a Maxwell or D’angelo track, it’s a slowly unfurling marvel of quiet intimacy. 

Jumping Black Slash’s version of dance music is not strictly beholden to a particular location or time or genre. Over the course of its six minutes there are nods to rave revivalism in the tribal-like synth tones and a classic Chicago house beat pallete. In that regard, his work is similar to UK producer Lone’s brand of futuristic yet early 90s indebted rave-tinged house.

More importantly than any references in the work, is the feeling of emotional weight that lies behind the song. Akin to the moment when the smoke clears the dancefloor and you see the person you’ve been searching for the whole night. At that point, and as Jumping Black Slash understands, nothing else matters apart from you and the beat.

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