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Track of the Day: Kurt Vile and the Violators – Feel My Pain

Names can be misleading. “Vile” isn’t a pseudo-punk suffix as much as it is the Philadelphia native’s actual birth name and “Kurt Vile” does not make the type of music that his name suggests.  The moniker chosen for his backing banking band, “The Violators”, is similarly deceptive.  The former The War On Drugs member released his fifth solo LP Wakin On A Pretty Daze earlier this year, and it is one of 2013’s gems. 

In the five years since leaving his old band, and especially with his last two records, Vile has mustered up notable confidence in his experimental compositions and critics have responded with requisite faith in his career choices. But, as James Blake will tell you: the path of the solo singer-songwriter is a lonely one. Vile’s new 7-track EP it’s a big world out there (and i am scared) bears both his name as well as that of his backing band. Whether he is seeking to give his peers greater recognition, strengthen ties with limited allies, or both, the inclusion sparks intrigue.

“Feel My Pain” is a beautifully crafted, typical Kurt Vile song – intricate guitar work with mandatory plucks and slides, paired with his signature static croon. Unlike his name, or that of his band, Vile’s song-titles generally do not belie their content. The man sings about personal matters in his own roundabout way. One gets the sense that with the support of his troupe, in spite of the titular revelation, Vile will not be holding back.

You can listen to it here:

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