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Track of the Day: LUH – United

On the face of it, Ellery James Roberts (formerly of WU LYF) is a figure driven by whim and impulse. Roberts grew disenchanted with WU LYF after just one thoroughly fantastic and stirring album, so it was writ that the group dissolved before our eyes like a short-lived mirage. Roberts certainly isn’t the type to ingratiate himself to anyone: cutting a near ghostly web presence and as utterly unpredictable as he is incomprehensible, he can be almost maddening to devotees. Yet as last year’s release of the moving ‘Kerou’s Lament’ showed, his allure remains untarnished. Distant, disjointed and pursued by furies of his own, Roberts is not yet jaded. He still sets out to write love songs, and to capture and elicit moments of euphoria. 

Happily, his collaboration with Ebony Hoorn to form LUH (Lost Under Heaven) and the release of the fittingly anthemic, ‘United’, is everything one could have hoped for. Roberts’ unintelligible wails and howls are not of the troglodyte’s inability to articulate, but instead of the desire to connect on a more primal and beatific level. Every now and then a hollered and hopeful phrase is clearly discernible and it crescendos wildly into the taut, trilling guitar and kick drum. These ever-present and opposing ideals of both finality and vitality somehow mould commonplace ideas into something immediate, exhilarating and momentous.

Still, a sense of flighty, non-permanence floats around LUH and their lofty aspirations. But for however long they continue to be an entity, we are happy to soak up the moving, shaking life force that Ellery James Roberts seems to breathe into all he touches.  

Watch the video here:

I wrote this for you, for her, for every longing breath lost under heaven’s refracted light. Are you ready to see this world open up before you?

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