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Track of the Day: Luke De Sciscio – Patterns of Revolution (Demo)

It’s back in 2007 and you just heard Bon Iver for the first time all over again. Not quite, but you are falling in love with anything – something – like you did way back when you felt so alive for hearing something that punched such a hole in your soul.  Luke de-Sciscio is a singer-songwriter based in Bath in the UK, who “moored on a narrow boat, has immersed himself in a world of song writing, nature and vinyl.” It appears that hiding away in a cabin or floating around on a boat is something we should all be doing if we hope to make music for people to cry to. ‘Patterns of Revolution’ is a stripped down reflection of overwhelming love and loss, comprising of simple guitar chords and his Jeff Buckley-like falsetto. The words “I’m getting a tattoo to forget you’ live long on in your mind after the song dwindles, and sound even better at 3am.


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