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Track of the Day: MellowHigh – Cold World (feat. Remy Banks and Earl Sweatshirt)

There was a time when keeping track of all the Odd Future offshoots and the different members that comprised them was headache-inducing. By now, it’s all a bit more familiar (for better and for worse), and we know that MellowHigh and MellowHype are basically the same thing, except that the former adds Domo Genesis to its roster of Hodgy Beats and Left Brain.

These are the stoners of Odd Future, growing masters of weed-rap, and on ‘Cold World’, the eleventh track off their self-titled latest, they invite the grasshopper-come-sensei of it all, Earl Sweatshirt along for the ride.

It opens with Remy Banks, which seems fitting as he raps about marijuana and not getting the recognition he thinks he deserves, two of Domo and Hodgy’s favourite subjects. Of course, it’s Earl who brings the fire, rapping reference-filled tongue-twisters like ‘Cheap ass, coughing, C-class method actor, young n*gga dressing like I’m geriatric’, but Domo and Hodgy hold up their own, bringing much to the table as they’ve gotten good at doing lately. The beat by Left Brain sounds like a starting engine that never starts, allowing the talented cast to rev and stunt.

MellowHigh was out on Halowe’en. You can buy it here. Listen to the track below:

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