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Track of the Day: Merchandise – Green Lady

As this past Thursday’s Track of the Day announced: Merchandise are now officially a pop band. The plush “Green Lady” bears…

As Track of the Day from two Thursdays ago announced: Merchandise are now officially a pop band. The plush “Green Lady” bears testimony to the expedient and elegant nature of this metamorphosis. Seemingly without trouble, the trio have shimmied to a categorically more glamourous output – one that is carried across most convincingly with this song.

‘Green Lady’, radiates glitz and sunlight; the apparentness of the band’s Floridian roots is matched only by their hefty ambitions. Carson Cox’s heartfelt vocals coolly surf new-wave driven guitars, warm synths and electronic drums. The third one off the hotly anticipated After the End (due August 26th), this new single is triumphant – an early celebration of a slick transformation – that strongly suggests this lot are too sharp to blow their wad too soon. Come the end of the month, we’re likely in for more surprises.


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