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Track of the Day: MikeWillMakonnen – Wishin’ You Well

MikeWillMakonnen is the compound noun collaboration between producer Mike WiLL Made-It, known for standouts from Ciara’s jaw-dropping ‘Body Party’ and GOODMusic’s overblown ‘Mercy’ (and much more), teaming up with up-and-coming Altanta rapper, ILoveMakonnen, who has been gaining steady buzz off of his recent EP’s success. 

‘Wishin’ You Well’ finds the pair in distinctly dustier and melancholic territory that they are known for. Mike’s languid, earthy production allows for Makonnen’s earnest lyrics, half-sung and half-rapped, to be left fully exposed. And beneath the literal cracks and trauma in his voice, hurt rumbles gently below as Makonnen recants the story of him and a lover’s foiled elopement. The last verse finds Makonnen’s amateur voice, strained and stumbling, singing, “I moved out to Reno, Arizona / I mean… it was Reno, Nevada/ I been drinkin’ these things from the bottles / I can’t remember”. Resigned and defeated, it’s a whimper that is not pathetic but stoically defiant.

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