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Track of the Day: Movement – Ivory

We caricature Australia as the country of bad accents, Masterchef re-runs and South African escapees. However…


We caricature Australia as the country of bad accents, Masterchef re-runs and South African escapees. However, out of a dark and cavernous synth-cave, moving stealthily over immersive and propulsive electronic landscapes, comes the Sydney-based, Movement – here to join Tame Impala and Jagwar Ma as the three redeeming things about the continent.

Their new song, ‘Ivory’ starts from where their stellar song ‘Like Lust’ left off: the sensual and textured dark R’n’B that seems to come pouring out of every Internet orifice like one of TLC’s infamous Waterfalls. Here, however, they nod to the wonderful sexual excesses of the 80s: from the androgynously yearning vocals, to the Adamski-like keyboard and then some causal guitar shredding that would make Prince’s jerry-curl stand up on end. Opting for a fuller, more maximal sound and showing the same assuredness proves there’s more to come from Down Under. 

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