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Track of the Day: No Joy – Second Spine

Summer is coming – well, for our hemisphere at least. And despite the inclement shitty weather the Montreal-based No Joy are sure to be braced for, they have decided that the time is always right for sumptuous and sky-gazing dream pop. On their excellent album Wait to Pleasure from earlier this year, the two-woman band of Jasamine White-Gluz and Laura Lloyd crushed and reverbed their way through their frayed and heavy brand of My Bloody Valentine-indebted shoegaze. On ‘Second Spine’ off of their spanking new EP Pastel and Pass Out they go the closest they have gone to making a brightly hued and effortlessly gorgeous pop song.

The band makes use of an unbelievably catchy bit of 60s weightless beach-pop harmonising, and unlike the fizz and grit of most of their other work, the production and guitars here are enveloping and light. For a season that’s all about those shared experiences we have in the outside world, this is three-minutes when you’d rather be alone and get lost in your own head.

Listen to it here: 

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