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Track of the Day: Oh! Dark Arrow ft Cruz Distortion – Mexican Shark Attack

If you’ve been paying any attention over the past few months, you’ll know that Marc Potgieter has been on one hell of a hot streak. He’s been in the spotlight for a few years now, honing his skills in popular Cape Town acts – PHFat’s bass music lent itself to a hard-hitting, hook-driven flow and Sedge Warbler to punchline-rap. Given that trajectory, Oh! Dark Arrow has come almost out of left-field, but has emerged as the perfect vehicle for his vault of thoughts. His focus has turned inward even as his scope and potential moves infinitely outward.

The track’s title will tell you that his obsession with animal rap hasn’t vanished entirely, and guest Cruz Distortion appropriates his penchant for referencing “the universe”. ‘Mexican Shark Attack’ is a master class in stream-of-consciousness lyricism, a shit-talking stroll through a dodgy park at night. Just look at these referenced-filled bars: ‘smuggle with the muggles hitting mulligans / I told you, watch me as I roll through.’ I could’ve chosen any of them, though. He produces under his third-gen AKA Abacus the Wolf, and this track boasts a woozy staccato atmosphere. He’s been building this sound over a series of releases (just check out and get lost in his Soundcloud for proof) and it’s proving itself to be the perfect environment.

Check out the track below:

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