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Track of the Day: Panda Bear – Mr Noah

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Noah Lennox (Panda Bear, Animal Collective). Or at least it feels like it. Apart from his guest spot on Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories last year (and Animal Collective’s 2012 Centipede Hz), Lennox has been relatively quiet since 2011’s exhilarating Tomboy. That’s why it seemed almost too good to be true when Panda Bear innocuously released a host of material ahead of his third album release, Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper. But true it is: Lennox gifted fans an eerie promo video for the LP; a 4-song EP entitled Mr Noah and an additional video for the eponymous lead single from it. ‘Mr Noah’ is a dizzying track that warmly welcomes us back into the disorientating world Noah Lennox occupies in all his various guises.

‘Mr Noah’ opens up with wobbly and distant droning of a sound processor gone rogue. It’s like the melody has been haphazardly spliced and chopped, and put back together to create a new and utterly befuddling auditory landscape. Both it – and the video directed by French directing trio, AB/CD/CD – create an illusion that Lennox’s familiar, lilting voice is travelling and reverberating along a set of Penrose stairs. He’s picked up where he last left off, and the result for all its unsteady confusion is a slow-release euphoria that Panda Bear will always manage to deliver. No matter how long he stays away.

Watch the video here:

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