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Track of the Day: Radiator Hospital – Bedtime Story

“Sad songs make me sadder,” Sam Cook-Parrott spits out on ‘Bedtime Story’. It’s a line sung with that…

“Sad songs make me sadder,” Sam Cook-Parrott spits out on ‘Bedtime Story’. 

It’s a line sung with that familiar, fumbling awkwardness of every socially-stunted millenial whenever feelings are concerned. Yet it’s also the type of indie-rock lyric that becomes profoundly deft somewhere in between what really should be your last drink and the blackout. 

Debut album, Torch Song, promises to be Radiator Hospital’s mastery of that indiscernible, self-deprecating air that makes great indie tracks. In that way that made Neutral Milk Hotel and bands of their ilk the soundtrack to either a burgeoning love or the disillusion that follows thereafter. 

Guitars and drums are intermittently thrashing and then softly strummed in a way that flicks a switch between half-irony and unabashed sincerity in lines like, “I can’t recall ever feeling love so true.” It’s ‘Bedtime Story’s frank reminder that they are all stories that we tell ourselves. If it’s for comfort we can’t know. But as Cook-Parrott bellows out “I can’t bear to sleep alone,” it’s fair consolation to know that he hasn’t figured it out either.  


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