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Track of the Day: Sagevideos – Dancefloor Dreams

The budding and increasingly important genre of vaporwave and its associated styles is premised on a radical and subversive idea. It subverts mass consumerism, capitalism and patriarchy by appropriating its musical signifiers to glorious effect. Just like the rise of PC Music these artists attempt to mine from the treasure trove of slick, hypersexual 80s music, mashed together with 90s video game electronics, to present a warped world where this music becomes a synthetic and transient life form of its own. A crucial part of that endevaour, requires the “artist”, as popular music understands it, to disappear behind the amorphous haze of Soundcloud and Bandcamp – an aesthetic described as “post-human”. Even if your immediate thought is to dismiss this as a load of Internet chatroom hogwash – there is no denying that the music has a certain nostalgic and indelible value.

Sagevideos is a local protagonist of the genre and is set to release his debut album Colour Synesthesia on the 23rd of October on the established international label, AMDISCS; and it is led by the single ‘Dancefloor Dreams’. The track is grounded by an ebullient 80s disco synth lead, which is then plundered by another highly pitched synth akin to a Japanese video game effects sample. It is a frenetic space that has been occupied by artists from Neon Indian to Saint Pepsi; where the slickness of the dancefloor is sped up to a slightly grimy and sinister effect. Catchy and retro, yet still forward thinking, it is an impressive step for an exciting producer.

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