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Track of the Day: Schoolboy Q – Banger (Moshpit)

Schoolboy Q is still the most promising not-Kendrick member of West Coast hip hop crew, Black Hippy. The group has come a long way in the last few years, with all save for Jay Rock having released critically-acclaimed full-lengths. They’ve also toured extensively and had a plethora of high-profile features. Schoolboy’s second full-length, last year’s Habits & Contradictions was a serious statement of intent, jam-packed with hook-filled songs and structured in such a way as to draw you in completely to his kooked-out world.

His latest single is called ‘Banger (Moshpit)’ (the song name bearing striking resemblance to another auspicious release from this year). Schoolboy raps aggressively about a party you probably don’t want to attend – ‘Grab your brownie, sit the party / Shake the party, break the party / Murder party, leave the body, tell nobody.’ The track has enough of Schoolboy’s raw energy and charisma to remind you exactly why everyone is so excited about him. His verbal dexterity, his whacky beat selection and his ADD-riddled persona place him perfectly near the front of the Black Hippy clan, and his string of strong singles augers well for his new album, Oxymoron, due out January 2014.    

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