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Track of the Day: Schoolboy Q – Man Of The Year

‘Man Of The Year’ is the latest in what is becoming an incredibly strong succession of singles by Schoolboy Q. We first heard a snippet of the track at the end of the video to Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe’.

And as he demonstrated on Habits & Contradictions with ‘There He Go’, Schoolboy Q has a talent for whirling the most unexpected samples into anthemic bangers. This time it’s ‘Cherry’ by Chromatics that gets given the snare drum treatment, over which he raps about women, partying, drugs and money. But Schoolboy Q delivers the rather predictable lyrics with the same unpredictability and prowess that helped make Habits & Contradictions as original a record as it was. Proclaiming to be the Man of the Year may be somewhat premature, but it certainly bodes well for his chances with OXYMORON in 2014.

Listen to the track below: 

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