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Track of the Day: Seekae – Monster

Sydney experimentalists, Seekae, are back with The Worry after the release of their formative +Dome in 2011. ‘Monster’ is its…

Sydney experimentalists, Seekae, are back with The Worry after the release of their formative +Dome in 2011. ‘Monster’ is its centrepiece, and asserts the trio’ rightful place as vanguards of Australia’s IDM scene. They formed in the 1990s and released The Sound of Trees Falling on People in 2008. That’s four years before post-dubstep singer/songwriter Chet Faker’s breakout Thinking in Textures and the rise of other Future Classic poster boys Flume and Ta-Ku. 

This time, ’Monster’ portrays a sleeker and more appeasing Seekae. Alex Cameron’s baritone voice overpowers the deconstructed jazz chords and rough-edged percussion, making the song more vocally-focussed than anything out on Future Classic at the moment. Yet ‘Monster’ is not without its instrumental charm: MIDI-made horns peep through Cameron’s croons during the bridge and begin to rise after the two minute mark, turning the song into a complex and textured experience. 

As The Worry inevitably brings Seekae further into the international spotlight, James Blake and PVT comparisons are inescapable. But if ‘Monster’ is anything to go by, these would undermine the Australians’ originality – a sound best described by Seekae themselves as ‘ghetto-ambient.’ Whatever that means, we like it.  


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