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Track of the Day: Seferino – Mr Fatalist

Having released his debut track, ‘Self Esteem’ last October, multi-instrumentalist Geoffrey Brink has dropped his next single, ‘Mr Fatalist’ under his moniker Seferino. Briefly stepping aside from his duties with John Wizards as a keyboardist, guitar player and turtleneck wearer, Geoffrey is slowly but surely creating a meticulous and beautiful catalogue of pop gems. 

Squelching synths and an obscure melody has this ode to pessimism contrast a happy sadness. This bouncy playful track, replete with youthful bleep and bloop arpeggios, stands in contrast to the somewhat dour outlook effaced by his lyrics. For example: “Standing up really straight, I feel great/ But even as I say the words I say it’s too late/ And almost everything you ever knew is going to go into two”.  One gets the feeling that his outlook shouldn’t be so grim; at the rate he’s going, Seferino’s shaping up to be (and is probably already) something entirely unique on our musical landscape.

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