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Track of the Day: Seferino – Self-Esteem

The last six months have seen John Wizards go from playing a handful of low-profile gigs around the city to being a bona fide internationally renowned indie group on an extensive tour of Europe. Thus far, front men John Withers and Emmanuel Nzaramba have received the bulk of the attention from the press, but they are far from being the only interesting musicians in the band, as any witness to their live act will tell you.

Seferino is the pseudonym of Wizards’ multi-instrumentalist Geoffrey Brink (brother of Beatenberg drummer, Robin Brink, for those intrepid sleuths out there). Currently on tour, he doesn’t have many tracks available in the public domain, but he recently put out ‘Self-Esteem’, and it’s a very strong single. It bears some of the spacey synths found on the first half of Wizards’ debut LP, sporting a lyrical turn reminiscent of early Ezra Koenig, delivered like a tranquilised and smoothed-out Elvis Costello (with a fair share of vocal effects). It’s a hesitant ode to a would-be lover and holds surprising depth for its just-under-three-minute running time, warranting multiple listens.

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